Pensioner Potter

For the young at heart

26 May, 22, Thursday's Potter, Erwood Hall.

Leader: Turbo Pete.

Here's an interesting situation: Turbo Pete demonstrates his communicative skills to a mesmerising Potter group, all in awe at his powers of persuasion.

The ruins of Erwood Hall appear to be his topic: now not much more than a few feet high and not a lot of material to go on, but, in the hands of our gifted pontificator, it'll be a doddle to negotiate.

There always seems to be someone who isn't quite at the races for what's happening on these occasions, and Jude appears to be no exception to the rule: Does it seem to you she thinks she's lost something dear to her heart; That it's just a thread that's come loose, or could be something grotesquely worse, like stubborn poo from her shoe now sticking like glue.

How revolting!!

Who could say such a thing like that?

24 May, 22, Tuesday's Potter. Higher Rainow.

Leader: ? 

The troop puts the boot in at the Giant's Tooth on the way to Blue Boar Farm. A heady route amongst some magnificent, elevated scenery. Charle's lost his head in this part of the world and one could guess the reason why. ( Image courtesy of Woody)

12 May, 22, Dot's Birthday Potter.

Leader: Miss Penelope. 

The late-arriving Tucker looking more mellow and pleased with himself after he had discovered the and devoured the last remaining scrumptious sausage rolls that we had hidden from him.

Dave Taylor yet again relates the exploits and triumphant outcome of Stockport County's previous night's vital promotion match to any that remained.

A 7 mile run in fine weather through the ginnels and streets of Macclesfield and along the canal towpath and across the golf course until we reached the summit of Tegg's Nose, skirted a woodland plantation, crossed the Buxton Road and descended along narrow Rainow lanes and across fields, finally returning to the canal and the bucolic fringes above Macclesfield where we reached the welcoming environs of Dot's garden, finding Grant's gazebo erected on a cottage lawn and under which Dot and Chris had laid a veritable birthday feast. 

Happy Birthday to Dot and Many Thanks from the Potters!


10 May, 22, Tuesday's Potter. Spuley Lane, Bollington.

Leader: Woody?

It's amazing what drops in from other parts. It's going around that this ancient rock is possibly a meteor from the cosmos. Fancy that, a meteoric happening in Bollington. Who would have thought?

Here's another happening, though these arrived from nearer home: A birds-eye view of a smattering of Potters making the most of an idyllic location to squat and take in the amenable surroundings. Woody kindly provided these, out of this world images for the website.

5 May, 22, Thursday's Potter, Higher Poynton.

Leader: Baritone Shoey.

Well, here are the tall and the short of it. A towering carved stone structure topped out in some fine lead chimney covering. One could speculate that if the heavy metal had been situated closer to the ground, it wouldn't have survived the local thieves' grubby hands-on nicking it. As it appears, it's a fine monument with open, uninterrupted aspects for all to admire.

And, here they are, a honed group of potterers with time on their hands enjoying the pleasant scenery. Amongst their midst and in fetching blue and black running kit is leader Shoey, whom, on occasion, has rendered some wonderful classical melodies with the notes seemingly in the correct order. A rich, baritone sound that resonates with perfect timbre. A man of immense talent.

One hopes the great man managed to return the troops to the venue all in one piece.

3 May, 22, Tuesday's Potter, Cockhall Lane, Langley.

Leader: Tucker.

Giles & Toe, going about their usual business apres run. They say Giles is at his keenest when confronted with a myriad of food: the larger the plate, the more intent he becomes, to the extent all else is in the cosmos. Until the bill's dropped, that is. Whereas, Toe is most likely to wait passively in line for his fare and takes it as it arrives no matter the consequence, as long as it's palatable.

Here are two other beings enjoying their spot on the planet, too. Or, it appears so. Perhaps that's not the case, and they would prefer to be at some table Like Gile's and chew on something more meaningly than common grass. Maybe a trough of the finest picked apples applied with assorted soft fruits to start the menu with ending with a carrot or two for good measure? As long as they don't interfere with Gile's palate they'll all get on just fine.

28 April, 22, Thursday's Potter. Roaches.

Leader: Jacko.

Atop the Roaches Summit? The Potter group takes the bracing air on this iconic landmark, perhaps all smiling because it's mostly downhill from here. Though with Jacko leading, it's not necessarily a foregone conclusion. It appears Giles has just swallowed a fly of some magnitude and he’s struggling to dispossess it.

A dramatic image of the troop descending a light scrub to the safety of a wooden gate, where Woody appears leaping for life with outstretched hands, casting faith in a higher being that he lands in a safe place and all will be well in his world. The tiny figure in the background, in the lea of a tree is the indomitable Turbo Pete, possibly in search of the right gear which will blast him to the centre of the earth and into the middle of things.

26 April, 22, Tuesday's Potter, Wincle.

Leader: Turbo Pete.

What a beautiful morning to go synchronised running from Wincle. So, here is a classic display of the art form from a brace of the Potterer's finest. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the sheep could fall in too and do the same? Mind you. There would always be a black one somewhere to spoil the fun.

It's Spring, and so are the sheep in abundance. Their bleating sounds are a joy to hear at this time of year. Which suggests summer isn't too far behind. A trip to the new Sutton & Co Cafe in Sutton, apres run rounded off a pleasant morning's outing.

21 April, 22, Thursday's Birthday Potter. Bollington.

Leader: Birthday Boy, J Kav? 

Here's a nice photo ( courtesy of Trev) of the Potters enjoying themselves on JK's birthday run from his pad in Bollington. It appeared they'd been whipping up appetites for the lots of goodies on offer apres the run. It was rumoured people had been starving themselves all week for such an occasion. It's good to see lithe Margo still managing to climb the pointy trigs without any problems.

Me 66? Don’t make me laugh! ( image & caption, courtesy of Jimbo )

19 April, 22, Tuesday's Potter, Finlow Hill.

Leader: Phil W

Phil, on Stormy Point, pointing on which way not to. A beautiful morning in beautiful, clear conditions on a quieter than usual walk: virtually no people pottering about, apart from a couple of extra-large humans near the narrow Edge enquiring nothings to Phil, who promptly set sail with his knowledge of Alan Garner and his take on Alderley Edge's abundant history.

14 April, 22, Thursday's Potter, Bosley.

Leader: Tucker.

The troop heading into the bowels of Jurassic Park. Tread lightly in this neck of the woods at your peril. Strange sound have been known to emanate from its interior, so it's wise to travel at least in pairs to lessen the chance something rather grotesque popping out and grabbing a person.

This has nothing to do with Jurassic Parks, however it shows leader Tucker at the start line of a Park Run. One can see him there on the far right with his young pacer striding out in front. Whether he get paid for his endeavours is anyone’s guess, but it seems highly unlikely as Tucker not known to trouser for anyone.

12 April, 22, Tuesday's Potter. Tegg's Nose lower CP, Langley.

Leader: Jimbo.

Another time when the weather proved favourable. This point is just above Hordern Farm, looking over to Kerridge Hill, as the signpost points, where Jimbo said they were in “good spirits”. With views like these who wouldn’t be?

A change of venue caused by tree-felling up at Standing Stone saw the potters assembling at Teggs Reservoir car park on a dank, cheerless morning. Some drizzle and an overall dampness didn't promise well but being potters we had to get on with it.

Seven finely-tuned athletes set off, therefore, heading towards the Rainow area, a village well-named it seemed. Pete complained this was not his kind of weather and that if he dragged his feet and fell behind, we should not wait for him.

Sure enough, he was as good as his word, and Pete disappeared from view shortly after Hardingland. The rain never became too heavy and, fortunately, there was very little wind. But, nevertheless, we were pretty wet by the time we reached Walker Barn.

Consolation could be found in the easy running, thoughtfully provided by today's leader; mainly grass with few rocks, inclines rather than hills, and plenty of downs to balance the ups.

Chat was good and nobody fell over, so generally, we were in good spirits. Through Hordern Farm and then round the loop taking us down to the waterworks road and back along the Gritstone Trail, before heading into the Teggsnose country park.

Everyone seemed to take an individual route down to the reservoir so that we entered the car park in drips and drabs. Very drippy, very drabby.


7 April, 22, Thursday's Potter. Over Alderley.

Leader: Jude.



Turbo Pete is un-boughed by this obstacle setting in motion: it's only a trifle, a piffle, nothing to break a sweat. Jude appears to be slightly apprehensive, though. Perhaps she knows more than Pete?